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Book Through the App

No matter how long you need our Self Drive cars for you can conveniently hire a Self-Drive car online in Lucknow through the Sofast Car app.
Enjoy tech-enabled booking, tracking and hassle-free payment options too. Make every special occasion memorable by opting to ride in a luxury self-drive car yourself. You could opt for it just for the sheer pleasure and experience too!


Drive across the city hassle free with a self-drive car from Sofast Car in the following steps:

  • Download the Sofast Car App from the Play Store or the App Store
  • Search for a car from the wide range available and book a self-drive car of your choice
  • Upload License and pay a small Security deposit (upload necessarily documents and pay a small security)
  • Car details will be sent on SMS before 20 mins pickup. Unlock it via the Sofast Car App
  • Fill the start checklist in the Sofast Car App. Grab the keys from the glove box and zoom away
  • After the trip, return the car and fill the end checklist from the App to end your trip. We refund your deposit if applicable


  • The Mercedes free drive will be applicable on only Monday to Thursday, under the Classic Package.
  • All decisions of Sofast Car shall be final and binding. No discussion or correspondence will be entertained.
  • Sofast Car reserves the right to amend these rules at any time at its sole and absolute discretion
  • Sofast Car reserves the right to use pictures/Videos shared by customers in their communication, both internal and external.
  • Post the contest end date, no further entries will be permitted.
  • Winners will be contacted within 10 working days, after the contest closes
  • Standard Terms & Conditions apply.

Sofast Car Responsibly


Dear Self-Drive Enthusiast,
Thank you for booking a self-drive car from Sofast Car! By reading and understanding the points below, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the detailed terms and conditions as stipulated on The information below is intended to provide a summary of the rental conditions contained on our website and is not intended to serve as a full replacement. Any clause below otherwise not contained in the principal agreement between you and Sofast Car shall stand incorporated therein by reference.

1. Forbidden Uses:

Sofast Car vehicles may not be used for the following:
a) Transporting goods / people in violation of local laws or excise & customs rules.
b) For sports, adventure, races rallies and other competitive events.
c) For over speeding violations over 125 Km/hr, there will be a fine of ₹2500. Vehicle speed is tracked and monitored remotely through an in-car device to ensure safety of all Sofast Car members.

2. State Border Crossing:

While all Sofast Car vehicles are registered with an All India Permit (meaning they can be driven anywhere within India), there are toll & state entry permits payable upon crossing state borders especially at check posts between each State.
Individual renters are liable for payment of such charges. Tentative charges can be found on our website here.

3. Maximum Damage Cap:

Your liability in the event of theft or accident to the vehicle is restricted to a maximum amount equal to ₹10,000/-. Sofast Car's insurance handles the remainder. This is provided you adhere to all of Sofast Car’s standard rules and regulations as described here.
Requesting customers to mark damages, if any, in the car at the time of taking it as well as returning it to Sofast Car.

Accessories in the Vehicle

1. Vehicle Documents
3. Spare Wheel
2. Jack & Rod
4. Service Book – Warranty Card